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Main menu

Here is our selection of dishes. Starting from appetizers to main courses, finishing with our fresh desserts.



Hummus (V/GF)

Flavorful chickpea puree with tahini, garlic and lemon juice

Spinach tarator (V/GF)

Yogurt, pureed spinach with olive oil and garlic

Dolma (V/GF)

Grape leaves stuffed with rice and currants

Red pepper puree (V/GF)

Roasted red peppers, olive oil, parsley and feta

Lentil kofte (V)

Red lentil patties with bulgur, parsley, green onion and tomato paste

Eggplant saute (V/GF)

Cubed eggplant in a tangy housemade tomato sauce

Cacik (V/GF)

Strained yogurt with cucumber, infused with garlic and mint

Mutabbel (V/GF)

Pureed roasted eggplant with olive oil, tahini, garlic, and yogurt



Halloumi (V/GF)

Grilled slices of Turkish goat cheese

Falafel (V/GF)

Golden fried fritters of ground chickpeas, spices, garlic, and fresh cilantro and parsley

Cheese borek (V)

Deep fried phyllo pastry filled with feta cheese and parsley

Kiymali (GF)

Warm hummus with minced lamb seasoned with herbs

Lamb liver (GF)

Diced and pan fried with cumin and oregano

Shrimp guvech (GF)

Shrimp cooked in an eggplant and tomato sauce

Lentil soup (V/GF)

Pureed red lentils, butter, onion, and mint

Special Cold Meze Plate

Chef's selection of appetizers

Our choices


Feta cheese salad (V/GF)

Turkish salad with finely grated feta cheese

Turkish Salad (V/GF)

Spring mix, tomato, cucumber, onions and bell pepper. Salad tossed in house made olive oil, lemon juice and garlic vinaigrette.

Mediterranean salad (V/GF)

Spinach, iceberg, cucumber, onion, red and green peppers, and goat cheese

Beet salad (V/GF)

Pickled beets, mixed greens, goat cheese, walnuts, onions with a Nova Scotia Maple Syrup vinaigrette

Our choices


Chicken wrap

Tender grilled chicken, marinated in milk and garlic

Lamb shish wrap

Marinated local lamb skewer

Kofte wrap

Grilled minced lamb with fresh herbs and spices

Spicy chicken wrap

Grilled minced chicken with fresh herbs and spices

Lentil kofte wrap

Red lentil patties, bulgur, and fresh herbs

Falafel wrap

Fried chickpea fritters, herbs, and spices

Halloumi wrap

Grilled Turkish goat cheese and chilli sauce

Our choices

Main courses

Lamb shish kebab

Tender cubes of lamb marinated in herbs and olive oil

Kofte kebab

Minced lamb blended with special mix of herbs and spices

Chicken kebab

Chicken cubes marinated in milk, olive oil and garlic

Spicy chicken kebab

Grilled minced chicken with peppers and a mix of herbs and spices

Yogurt kebab

Lamb and chicken on a bed of toasted pita, served with tangy yogurt and tomato sauce

Halep kebab

Lamb and chicken on a bed of toasted pita, served with an eggplant sauce

Seafood kebab

Grilled shrimp and scallops, marinated in garlic, herbs and olive oil

Lamb chops

Seasoned with herbs and grilled to perfection

Mixed kebab

Chef's selection of cuts of lamb and chicken, great way to sample a variety of grilled meats


Layered minced lamb, eggplant, potato, bechamel sauce and cheese

Veggie Platter (V)

Chef's selection of hot and cold vegetarian items

Sweet dreams



Phyllo pastry filled with walnuts


Slow baked rice pudding


House Wines

Smoky Bay Pinot Grigio
Vivo Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon

White Wines

Villa San Martino
Roy's Hill
Talinga Park
Drovers Hut
BV Coastal

Red Wines

Org de Rac
McGuigan Brothers
Finca Las Moras



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